Carbon Neutral Holidays

Carbon Neutral Skiing Holidays

Travel responsibly with skiSweden

Scandinavia has a reputation as an environmentally responsible region, and as specialists in this area skiSweden have decided to make similar commitments to the environment, climate and the future of the snowsports industry. In October 2017 as part of our AITO PROTECT project pledge, we introduced carbon neutral holidays and by the start of winter 2018-19 we expect all of our holidays to be completely carbon neutral.

Why skiSweden offer carbon neutral holidays?

There is a significant carbon footprint associated with travel, most notably greenhouse gas emissions from air travel. Greenhouse gas driven Climate Change is a prominent issue in polar climates, which cover large areas of Scandinavia. Ski resorts are especially susceptible to minor changes in climate due to their reliance on certain temperatures for natural snow-fall and artificial snow-making. By offering carbon neutral holidays skiSweden can help protect our destinations for current beneficiaries – our customers, local residents and regional flora and fauna – and also help to preserve these beautiful places, and the fantastic sports that they provide a platform for, for future generations.

How skiSweden deliver carbon neutral holidays?

We deliver carbon neutral holidays by covering the cost to offset 0.5 tonnes of carbon per person per trip in all our holidays. Offsetting costs fund 2 Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) certified projects:

These certified carbon offsetting projects have been chosen by skiSweden to match our values and those of our customers by providing real and significant improvements here in the UK and in developing countries.

How carbon offsetting works?

Carbon emissions do not respect international borders; as the CO2 enters the atmosphere, it spreads out. This means that 1 tonne of CO2 emissions savings in India are the same as 1 tonne CO2 savings in London or Stockholm. This is the reason why we can compensate carbon emissions by supporting projects in other nations.

Individual carbon offset projects across the globe are rigorously inspected and audited regularly to assure that they are generating carbon reductions; carbon credits are only issued once these savings have been made. These carbon credits are used to offset the unavoidable emissions of other organisations, like skiSweden, to whom the carbon credits are sold (‘carbon offsetting’). Once a carbon credit has been sold, it is retired to encourage offsetting projects to expand and improve.

How you can help?

By booking your ski holiday with skiSweden you can be proud to travel responsibly. As skiSweden continue to improve and develop our carbon neutral holidays we will hopefully be inviting you to help us choose future projects and even win the chance to have our reforestation projects take place in your chosen school or region. We hope that you will stand with skiSweden in helping to protect Scandinavia, the UK and the global environment by choosing to travel with us and enjoy an exceptional, carbon neutral skiing holiday.

If you’re looking for things to do in your everyday life there are other easy ways that you can reduce and offset your contribution to global climate change. You can start by calculating your personal carbon footprint and by finding ways to reduce and/or offset this. This could be something as simple and fun as cycling to school with your children, supporting a local reforestation project or choosing a different energy supplier. Being carbon neutral and reducing your contribution to global climate change can be a fun and positive thing for you and your family, and now, thanks to skiSweden and your commitment to us, even includes enjoying fantastic skiing holidays.


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